JUST IMAGINE . . . an engaging, entertaining experience that is talked about for days, even years later. Once the special Cirkut panoramic camera starts to rotate, each participant in the group excitedly  waits with anticipation for their turn to be captured on film.

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Mercedes Benz
Gull Wing
International Convention
The Biltmore Estate
 Asheville, NC
8”H x 48”W


“For our annual convention, we contacted Benjamin Porter who is professional, precise and congenial. We, as well as other Classic car owners, were very impressed with his expert knowledge and skill of panoramic photography.”
— K.B. Pearce




Southern Division Antlered Guard
of the Elks
Asheville, NC
8”H x 33”W





Downtown Asheville
Asheville, NC
7.25” x 48”W





Asheville Fire Department
Asheville, NC
8”H x 40”W





Champion Paper Mill
Canton, NC
6.5”H x 33”W


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Photo © Richard Hasselberg

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